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System Slim - New Zealand weight loss programme offers consultations and products

Business Opportunities

Our sucessful organisation was established in 2003 and has over 35 clinics across New Zealand.

If you have a community based business like; pharmacy, health food, beauty or gym and you are keen to add a new profit centre, then a system:slim License might suit.

This fantastic, unique business opportunity is also ideal for individuals who are interested in developing a career within the health and weight loss industry. Increase your earning potential by becoming a system:slim Consultant today.

Here's how some of our clinic's feel about system:slim.

"We did think it was another fad, something that would most likely fizzle out eventually, a quick in and out money making scheme. However after seeing the results, the life changing effect on people's life's with hard work, support, you can achieve your goal weight and become the person you want to be.

Our clients love the ongoing support from our Weight Loss Consultant, that it’s affordable & uncomplicated (no counting calories).

We would recommend system slim. I have found consulting for system slim for the last 4 years to be challenging, rewarding, frustrating at times, and an experience in my professional career I wouldn’t have wanted to miss. I believe in the system slim programme and have seen the results of how people's lives have been changed for the better."

Sue Rooney (Retail Manager) - Unichem Tattons Pharmacy

"We like that System Slim is a health-focussed programme which takes a holistic balanced approach to weight loss. Clients have one on one time with the System Slim consultant including a health and diet review which often picks up less obvious/more specific reasons for being overweight. Clients are provided with support, encouragement and helpful advice on diet, goal setting, lifestyle, and weight maintenance. The company itself is very professional and supportive and orders are processed quickly and efficiently.

Good results for clients
Good results for our business
Good training and support, increased knowledge for staff

Having the System Slim clinic located in the shop provides the opportunity to offer clients a more effective weight loss solution. Rather than just selling a weight loss product we can 'upsell' the System Slim programme which is more effective in terms of results for both the client and our business”.

Sue Wilson & Lynn Sharp (Owners) - Natural Health 2000

"We like system:slim combines all the best concepts of weightloss into one package. I say that I can endorse it as a health professional because of its credibility and that it follows concepts usually recommended by dietitians and nutritionists.

I feel confident recommending it because I know exactly how to pitch it to the customer.
Also the training was hugely motivating and made me feel like I could solve anybody’s problem anytime!

We like how system:slim individualises the programme for one person, that we keep in touch through a regular weekly appointment that is not too long or cumbersome. Our clients achieve a good level of energy throughout the process, as some other programmes make you feel tired and lethargic."

Jackie Hamilton (Owner) - Cromwell Pharmacy

For more information on how a system:slim license works get in contact with Sarah Buckley 021 901 823 or