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System Slim - New Zealand weight loss programme offers consultations and products


thai green curryAt system:slim you will be provided with a safe, simple and easy to follow weight loss programme that will give you an overall feeling of wellbeing as well as an increase in energy so that you can achieve the results you want. Each programme includes a balanced healthy eating plan where you will eat normal, everyday, easy to prepare food as opposed to tasteless meal replacements, shakes and diet bars as with many current weight loss trends out in the market today.

By providing an effective and sustainable weight loss programme, in conjunction, with education and nutritional support. Our clients are much more likely to lose weight, and more importantly they will continue to follow the system:slim lifestyle on a long-term basis. This will not only ensure that they lose weight, but also that they will be able to continue to keep that weight off. They will also be able to reduce the risks associated with obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

At system:slim you will find:

  • Consultations are private
  • The Eating Plans are easy to follow and give you real results
  • Your cravings will STOP
  • You will feel encouraged and supported by people who care
  • Range of products to aid your weight loss
  • Education to keep the weight off for life

On your first visit and after taking into account your needs and lifestyle, your consultant will recommend the appropriate weight loss programme, ongoing maintenance and healthcare is designed for you (and your family if required!). System:slim clinic’s offers you a range of weight loss programmes tailored to fit any lifestyle. Our Calorie Control, Carbohydrate Control or Combining Right programmes have been specifically created to help you start losing weight right now. System:slim is unlike any other weight loss programme because it is your answer to real long term weight loss.

Ideally you will visit your consultant weekly (or as convenient) for encouragement, motivation and advice. You will lose weight sensibly, under guidance from your professionally trained consultant.

Nutritional Support ; system:slim is supported by a range of distinct and invaluable nutritional supplements. The three products below are highly recommended on your initial visit and work synergistically with the programme to ensure that you receive the maximum nutritional support that your body needs on a daily basis. We also have a range of health and wellness products that your consultant will recommend if required.

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Weight Manager Weight Manager

As the body stores toxins in the tissues, partculary in between fat cells, the first step is to increase the metabolism to help release fat cells and those toxic residues. This is done with Weight Manager. The combination of herbs stimulates circulation, digestion and increases oxygen flow to the cells, thereby supporting blood purification. As the liver "dumps" toxins into the lymph glands, it is vital to cleanse this system to free up the "pipes" and enable the body to rid itself of waste. During the cleansing process, excess fat is released into the blood stream and therefore calms the appetite as the brain senses nutrients in the blood at that time. Please note that Weight manager is NOT an appetite supressant!

Cleanse PlusCleanse Plus

During the weight loss process, toxins are released and therefore the liver has extra work to do. Cleanse + supports the liver during that time and also protects the function of liver cells through its antioxidant activity. When liver function is improved, the elimantion of waste is hastened and digestive function is increased. As the average client has not undertaken a detoxification protocol in the past, this part of the programme is essential for proper organ function. many clients are also taking medical drugs on a long term basis, and again, the liver hast to process these substances.

The diuretic action of the specific herbs in this supplement eliminate via the kidney and lymphatic system ensures support for these systems.

Nutrient+ Nutrient+

A synergetic combination of minerals and vitamins in the formula ensures proper functioning of the nervous as well as the digestive system. Supporting the nervous system is extremely improtant, as many health issues are related, and most likely caused, by the effects of stress. Chrium will assist with carbohydrate cravings and blood sugar imbalances.

Importance of Detoxing Importance of Detoxing

The cleansing / detox process is an ongoing process as waste, toxins and impurities are constantly bombarding the body. An increase in exercise activity although very good for toning and improving the fitness levels does increase the production of free radicals. Stress is another factor, which causes free radical damage. system:slim's programme in conjunction with these three invaluable supplements will ensure that you will lose weight, reduces cravings and hunger, increases energy, fat burning, rebalancing your hormones and improves antioxidant levels. All work together to provide a more successful nutrition programme for you! To find your nearest Clinic.

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