Real Stories

 Susan - Invercargill

Mother of six loses 21.5kgs - 2011 Slimmer of the Year

I was sick and tired of being overweight, I was having to buy bigger & bigger clothes and struggling to walk without losing my breath. 

I knew I had to change with an overseas trip coming up that involved a fair bit of walking plus I had my sons wedding in 2012. 

With Cherie's help and suppport I have dropped 3 sizes in clothes and know I will look my best now! My dog is loving the walks we go on and it has certainly improved our friendship. I'm still seeing Cherie regulary to ensure I maintain the weight I am as this is all part of the programme too!

Melissa - Auckland

I knew I had put on weight but had no idea how much as I had never been over 65kgs before or a size 12, but suddenly my clothes were getting tighter. Then a friend showed me a photo of myself and I couldn't believe it was me I was looking at.

I was always very confident but with the extra weight I found myself slouching & hiding and I lacked my energy for life! Now I am my old bubbly self!!

I choose system:slim after looking at so many other diet plans but they were just that, a diet.system:slim was the only programme that addressed lifestyle change.

I'm now ready to walk down the isle and marry the man of my life! Thank you system:slim.

Stephen - Whakatane

I had trouble with breathing, sleeping, gout, food cravings, sore knees, high blood pressure and difficulty putting shoes on. Sex had turned into a chore and I was embarrassed to socalise. My wife nagged me until I did something!!

I considered gastric banding but the cost was to high a cost we would meet as a very last resort. I wanted to try something else first. I had been on many diets, I had even taken duromine but found my weight would see saw. Our pharmacist recommended system:slim, the first 4-6 weeks were extremely hard but I perservered and now I am fit as a fiddle.

Hayley - Napier

"I have always struggled with my weight having gone on every diet available"

Hayley has lost 20kgs and kept it off. I did think is this just going to be another programme that I am going to fail at.........but I needed to try it for my health and my kids, it sounded easy and it was! I would not call system:slim a diet more a holistic lifestyle programme that changed the way my whole family eat, we are all alot healthier.

It was good checking in with someone every week and for me having the supplements really helped with loosing weight because they gave me the energy to keep motivated, I still keep up with some now.

Give it a try what are you weighting for!!


Annemarie beforeAnnemarie - Marlborough

"I wanted a programme that used real food not prepacked meals or milkshakes mixes."

Annemarie lost 24kgs "I knew I needed to eat a more balanced diet but every time I tried to alter to what I thought was better I just got hungry and lost very little weight. For the last two years I had thought about making an appointment at system:slim and would "chicken out" telling myself I should be able to lose weight on my own, just have will power I would tell myself.

I haven't looked back. I feel happier, have more energy and am more positive about life. I now take opportunities that previously I would have passed up because I was too tired to organise myself. I like the way system:slim emphasise overall health not just weight loss."


Clint beforeClint - Gisborne

"I go out alot more and enjoy life"

I had always known I was carrying a lot of weight around but I hid it under big baggy clothes. I was always waiting for the easy option to lose it. Then I saw a system:slim advert in our local paper and decided to make an appointment. "Obligation free" was a good selling point for me!

I found my consultant Gill very friendly, helpful and easy to approach. I found the programme I decided upon easy to follow and it suited my lifestyle. It wasn't so much of a diet but more a change of lifestyle. system:slim was educating me on what foods I can eat. Now I don't mope around the house on a Saturday night. I am more outgoing and social.


Cushla beforeCushla - Whangarei

"I wanted to be someone who eats well and feels great"

Why did I want to lose weight? A number of reasons spring to mind. Last year I turned 40 and although I did it in style and had lots of fun, I kept thinking I wasn't how I wanted to be! I wanted to be a role model for kids, someone who eats well and feels great.

I chose system:slim because I like the idea of a personal consultant and the programme sounded realistic."


Tessa beforeTessa - Motueka

"It makes me feel like I am on cloud 9"

Life as a teenager is difficult enough without being overweight. I was a big bubbly clown, by making people laugh I thought they would see the person inside the shell. But not many people knew how unhappy I really was with my size or how little self esteem and confidence I had. I topped the scales at 129.3kg wearing size 26 jeans.

Eating alot of the wrong foods and drinking alot of alcohol I was starting to spiral out of control, something or someone needed to help me. I decided the only one that was going to fix the problem was me.

I cannot say it was easy that would be lying, but I stuck at it and started really enjoying the foods I was eating, never going hungry. The weight started to fall and the inches disappearing. Reaching my goal of 80kgs was a momentis occasion but getting down to 75kgs was great!

Wearing size 12 jeans not getting sick all the time, energy - I had energy again. The one on one personal approach system:slim provides is invaluable and one of the keys to my success. Giving me a push every now and then but most of all I have gained a friend. Thanks Debbie."


Carolyn beforeCarolyn - Dunedin

"Carolyn dropped 3 dress sizes"

Carolyn's weigh gain was so gradual that it didn't hit home until she had to buy size 18 clothes. "My clothes are getting tighter and tighter and I was starting to feel awful about myself. I had lost mu confidence.

I have loved the one on one consultations with Judy and the motivation she's given me."


Suzy - Blenheim

"My husband has been enjoying having a happier wife"

Suzy lost 21kgs in 18 weeks. "After having four children in less than 6 years and gaining weight with every pregnancy, I was left 29 kilos overweight. i tried losing weight by myself but wasn't self disciplined enough. I went to system:slim because I wanted I wanted a weight loss programme that was nutritionally sound. The programme has been easy to follow and I love how easy it fits in with our family.

I used to do no exercise now I enjoy walking and Pilates. I see the results every week and have gone down from a size 20 to a size 12.

HelenHelen - Southland

"The tape measure wouldn't go around me, now it does!"

"My weight loss story started 12 years ago when my mum got sick and died. My way of coping was to eat. When I started working again I knew I had to do something about my weight. I was 135kgs when I started system:slim and got the fright of my life when I lost 5.3kgs in the first two weeks.

I have lost 46kgs so far and feel so much better. I eat now eat to live not live to eat. Julie has helped me change my life. The best thing that has happened to me so far is my young son coming up to me one day and saying "you look really good mum, you're not going back to the old mum are you?"


Martha - Christchurch

"After receiving the Heathrow Injection (weight gain from London pubbing)!!"

After receiving the Heathrow Injection (weight gain from London pubbing) and spending my first year at university socialising my weight went up a considerable amount. My mum decided to give me weight loss support for my 21st birthday present and booked me into system:slim.

It seemed that quite honestly the weight just dropped off. I decided I wasn't going to buy any expensive new clothes since I was having so much fun losing the weight and even more fun having people notice!

Some people think size isn't important but they probably don't know how great it feels to be a size 10!!


Erin - Masterton

"Time to change your life ?, I DID!"

"With my 21st Birthday approaching I wanted to look and feel better. All my life I have been known as the big girl but after a friend recommended system:slim I went and my life has changed."