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System Slim - New Zealand weight loss programme offers consultations and products
Terms & Conditions

Before making an online purchase at please take a moment to read our terms and conditions.
The system:slim website is owned and operated by system:slim NZ Ltd 
Use of this website is subject to these Terms of Use. 

Health Disclaimer - Joining at a system:slim Clinic

The system:slim Weight Management Programme has been developed under the supervision and advice of nutritional experts and naturopaths. The programme is designed for a safe rate of weight loss for an average healthy adult. 

You must provide written consent from your health care professional, ordinarily a doctor or dietician, prior to commencing the system:slim Weight Management Programme if you:

  • Have Insulin dependent diabetes
  • Have a BMI below 18 (you are underweight)
  • Have an eating disorder or a history of an eating disorder
  • Are pregnant or breast feeding
  • Are under 16 years of age

Children (prior to puberty) may not undergo the system:slim Weight Management Programme without the approval of their GP, they must be supervised by their guardian, and their goal weights must be set by their GP.

If you have any existing medical conditions, especially ones requiring regular medical checks or medications prescribed by your health professional; then we strongly recommend that you advise your health care professional (in writing) before commencing the system:slim Weight Management Programme. Examples of such situations and/or conditions were written approval is recommended are as follows:

  • Malabsorbtion diseases
  • Medications that contain: Mono-amine oxidase inhibitors, Lithium, Anticoagulants
  • Liver or kidney disease
  • Arthritis on medication
  • Cancer
  • Type II Diabetes only where insulin is not part of the therapy
  • Epilepsy
  • Concurrent medically prescribed diet for health problems
  • Major surgery - three months post operatively

Health Disclaimer - Joining Online

If you choose to purchase system:slim products online, you will not have any contact with system:slim staff or trained system:slim Consultants. You therefore need to take full responsibility for your own health and weight loss if you chose to join the system:slim Program online.

For your own health and safety, you must not join system:slim online if you:

  • Have Insulin dependent diabetes
  • Have a BMI below 18 (you are underweight)
  • Have an eating disorder or a history of an eating disorder
  • Are pregnant or breast feeding
  • Are under 16 years of age

If any of these apply to you, you may however seek medical written approval (as outlined in Health Disclaimer – Joining at a system:slim Clinic. 

If you are taking any medication or have any concerns about your suitability to a weight management program, you must consult with your doctor or health care professional before joining the system:slim Weight Management Programme Online.

Ordering Online

Please note the following when placing online orders:  

  • There is a $5 flat charge for courier for orders under $100. Otherwise if order total is over $100 courier is free.
  • After you have placed an order you will be redirected to DPS secure online payment site for receiving credit card payment. VISA and MasterCard accepted.
  • After placing an order and submitting your payment details, system:slim may contact you via email in regard to your weight management program. All your personal details will remain confidential to system:slim and related third parties only (such as a delivery service).
  • All prices shown on this site are displayed in New Zealand Dollars.

  • The name System Slim NZ Ltd will appear on cardholder statements for any transactions through this website.


  • Please allow 5 to 7 working days for delivery of your online order
  • System:slim deliveries are undertaken by Post Haste. Deliveries should be received within 5-7 working days to all locations in New Zealand
  • If we have any queries regarding your online order, or if for any reason we are unable to fulfill your order, we will contact you within 2 working days of receiving your order either via phone or email to seek clarification.
  • If you have not received your order within 5 working days, please contact us via email at with your details.

Refund Policy

System:slim does not provide refunds. The nature of our product makes refunds and returns inappropriate.

Ordering system:slim products online is designed to be as simple as possible, while allowing maximum security and privacy for all your details.


Crucially, unencrypted credit card details will not be stored on our server, and will be sent only in encrypted form. The encryption technology we use is SSL.

Your Choice

If you do not wish to place your order on the internet, we offer you the option of faxing or mailing in your order.
System:slim NZ Ltd
15 St David St
Fax: 03 477 0014

Collecting Anonymous Information

We automatically collect general website traffic information (such as how many people have visited the site, most popular pages etc). This information is collected into aggregate results in order to evaluate our service and business practice in an effort to provide you with an optimum shopping service.

We may share non-personal, aggregated information with our partners for research purposes. We will never identify or disclose individual customers or visitors information or purchases but may disclose how many customers bought a specific item or used a specific service such as an email list.

Collecting Personal Information

We collect personal information submitted by you to manage and deliver your order, and to provide you with support while you are on the program. We do not disclose personal information for any other purpose.

Use of Personal Information

We will use personal information as supplied by you to process and deliver your order. We will disclose personal information such as your delivery address to a delivery service provider (ie. a courier) as selected by you when you place your order. We also retain your order details in a secure offline system that is NOT connected to the internet. This is so we have a record of your order should you wish to return or exchange an item at a later date.

Under no circumstances will system:slim sell or receive payment for licensing or disclosing your personal information.

Cookies For added convenience, we have employed a "cookie" system for our website. A "cookie" is a small file placed on a customer's machine which lets our site store information. This information allows us to make our site easier to use. Cookies allow our servers to keep track of customer details between visits to our site. The information stored by the cookie includes the data that is provided during online registration. This information is only accessible online when a customer enters their username and password. Other information stored by the cookie includes website traffic data. This is not used to identify individual details but only collated into aggregate anonymous results in order to evaluate and improve our shopping service for our customers.

Credit card information is never stored in the cookie.


Personal information like address, phone etc is only accessible after supplying a username and password.

Email Addresses

We will store your email address if you: send us a query; place an order or subscribe to an email list. Your email addresses is used for the purpose you provide it for and statistical information.

They are never disclosed for any other purpose.


We will never knowingly send you electronic messages without your consent.

Credit Card

System Slim won't hold any information about credit cards.  When an order is placed the credit card details are processed by DPS.   System:slim never holds any credit card details.

Third Parties

system:slim never sells personal or anonymous information to third parties.

Peace of Mind

We will only use your details and order information, including mailing addresses, email address, and phone number, to fulfil your order, to advise of the status of the order and to provide you with support while you are on the program.